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If you’re a business owner in the Greater Parkland Region in Alberta, the Greater Parkland Regional Chamber of Commerce (GPRCC) offers a range of opportunities to accelerate your business growth. By joining the GPRCC, you benefit from advocacy at multiple government levels, robust networking events, and a variety of essential business services. Here’s how membership provides a significant boost to your business.

Advocacy: Municipal, Provincial, and Federal Support

One of the most powerful advantages of being a GPRC member is advocacy support. The Chamber actively works on behalf of its members to influence public policy and create a favourable business environment. At the municipal level, the Chamber ensures that local regulations and policies support business growth and sustainability. This can include lobbying for better infrastructure, improved transportation links, and business-friendly zoning laws.

Provincially, the GPRC engages with the Alberta government to address issues like tax regulations, labor laws, and industry-specific challenges. Our advocacy efforts aim to reduce red tape, lower business costs, and ensure a competitive business climate.

On the federal level, the Chamber works with national organizations to influence policies that affect trade, taxation, and economic development. This multi-tiered approach ensures that your business interests are represented and that you have a voice in the legislative process.

Networking: Connect and Grow Your Business

Networking is crucial for business growth, and the GPRC offers numerous events to help you connect with other professionals. These events are designed to foster relationships, share knowledge, and create opportunities for collaboration.

  • Golf Tournament: The annual golf tournament (This year Aug 22) is not just a day of fun but also a premier networking event. Engage with fellow members in a social setting, building connections that can lead to future business opportunities.
  • Lunch and Learns: These sessions combine informative presentations with networking opportunities. You gain insights from industry experts on various topics while meeting potential clients or partners.
  • Chambers on Tap: This casual networking event provides a relaxed atmosphere where you can meet other business owners and professionals. It’s an excellent way to build relationships and discuss potential business ventures.
  • Business Awards: The GPRC Business Awards recognize excellence within the community. Participating in or sponsoring these awards can raise your business profile, showcase your achievements, and open doors to new business relationships.
  • Services: Essential Tools for Business Success
  • The GPRC offers a suite of services designed to support and enhance your business operationsincluding.
  • Chamber Insurance: Access to comprehensive and affordable insurance plans is one of the key benefits. This can include health and dental coverage for your employees, helping you attract and retain top talent.
  • Human Resources (HR) Support: Managing HR can be complex and time-consuming. The Chamber provides resources and advice to help you navigate employment laws, develop HR policies, and handle employee relations effectively.
  • Marketing Assistance: Promoting your business is vital, and the GPRC offers various marketing opportunities. This includes featuring your business in the Chamber’s publications, sponsorship opportunities, and access to advertising platforms that reach a broad audience.

Membership in the Greater Parkland Regional Chamber of Commerce is an investment in your business’ future. Through dedicated advocacy, dynamic networking events, and essential business services, the GPRC provides you with the tools and support you need to thrive. Whether you’re looking to influence policy, connect with other professionals, or access valuable services, the GPRC is your partner in business success. 

Norman Leach
Executive Director