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Board of Directors


Richard Wong, Chair


Richard Wong
Nova Hotels

Darcy Trojhelm, Chair Elect

Chair Elect

Darcy Torhjelm
Grove Decorating Centre & RE/MAX Real Estate

Paulla Adamitz, Vice Chair

Vice Chair

Paulla Adamitz
Adamitz Financial Solutions Inc.

Landis Vanthuyne, Director


Landis Vanthuyne
All Trailer Repair


Brieanne MacLeod, Director

Brieanne MacLeod
Birdsell Grant LLP

Dan Duckering, Director

Dan Duckering
BioMass Energy Techniques Inc.

Frank Florkewich, Director

Frank Florkewich
Tri-F Consulting /
The Norcan Group

Kelly J. Rose, Director

Kelly J. Rose
Panda Rose
Consulting Studios Inc.

Lois Hannam, DIrector

Lois Hannam
Gossamer Gallery & Gifts

Matt Schellenberger, Director

Matt Schellenberger
Mattstan Herefords

Melissa Johnson, Director

Melissa Johnson
Maid in Alberta

Mike Myshak, Director

Michael Myshak
Myshak Group of Companies

Paul Befus, Director

Paul Befus
ATB Financial

Sheri Ratsoy, Director

Sheri Ratsoy
Parkland Food Bank Society

Tom Yeo, Director

Tom Yeo


Dave Grobman, Ex-Officio

Dave Grobman
Spruce Grove Ex-Officio

Deb DeBernardo, Ex-Officio

Deb DeBernardo
Stony Plain Ex-Officio