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Chambers Plan Employee Benefits

Chamber members have access to Canada's largest employee benefits plan for small-to-medium sized business.

Introduced in the early 1970s, Chambers Plan now provides coverage to over 30,000 firms like yours. Regardless of the size of you organization, Chambers Plan can be customized to meet your needs.

Chambers Plan


Coverage can be tailored to suit your needs. Customize your plan selecting from a wide range of coverage – life, health, dental, disability, critical illness and much more! As well, Chambers Plan members have access to my-benefits® an online management tool. This tool allows you to administer your plan anywhere, anytime.​


Chambers Plan offers traditional coverage such as life, health, dental and disability, critical illness and so much more. No matter the size of your business we have a comprehensive group health insurance package for you. Enjoy guaranteed renewal coverage and outstanding service through your local advisor.

Additional Benefits

Every program comes with access to the Best Doctors® program, a truly valuable resource. The Best Doctors® program helps members get a second opinion and advice from some of the world's leading medical experts in a wide range of medical fields. Chambers Plan is proud to deliver these services available to every one of your employees. It is just one more example of the value Chambers Plan can provide.

We can find a plan that is right for you! Visit our website today at to find out why Chambers Plan is Canada's #1 group health insurance plan for small firms.

Dean Chapman - Frontline Benefits

Dean Chapman, Frontline Benefits

Hi there, I'm Dean Chapman, the founder of Frontline Benefits - a leading employee benefits consulting firm that is Setting the Bar for Benefits. With over a decade of experience in the industry, I'm a seasoned expert in healthcare benefits, insurance, and risk management. As a senior advisor, I'm dedicated to working closely with clients to develop tailored benefit programs that meet their unique needs and goals.

At Frontline Benefits, we're passionate about providing our clients with exceptional service and personalized attention. As the leading experts in employee benefits, we're committed to finding practical solutions to benefit challenges, while ensuring that our clients remain compliant with the complex regulatory environment.

With our deep understanding of the industry and a focus on innovation, we'll work together to create a comprehensive benefits plan that reflects your values and meets your business objectives. So, let's partner up and take your employee benefits to the next level.