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The Greater Parkland Regional Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors are a highly visible influential group of volunteers who give their time to provide a crucial link between the chamber, its members, and the community. Our GPRC Ambassadors are passionate about the chamber and their involvement not only benefits our organization, but their participation within the committee helps their own business exposure as well.


Pauline Chomyszyn, Laberge Engraving

I am the second-generation owner of Laberge Engraving that has been operating in Spruce Grove for over 40 years.  Born and raised in the area, my husband of 29 years, Pat, and I have raised our children here as well.

As a GPRC Ambassador and longtime Chamber member, I thrive in face-to-face meetings, mixers, and social gatherings.  I’ve made some great connections!

I’m appreciative of the Chamber for all the information I can get.  From COVID-19 updates, to what’s happening in the region.  I think more importantly, and what many people don’t know is how hard the Chamber works on advocating for small business.  They support in so many ways!

Laberge Engraving has grown and transformed from a plaque and trophy store into a chic boutique style store. We still make plaques and trophies but have diversified. The one thing I love about how long we have been in business is that we have many of the same clients coming back and bringing their children and grandchildren. We are in the business of making memories that last!

Lauri McKinnon

Lauri MacKinnon, Mode LaVan Photography

I have 2 businesses: photography (Mode LaVan Photography) and leather making (Heavensphere), I really enjoy headshots and corporate photography.  I most appreciate the friendships from the Chamber, the real sense these ladies care; from Diana Pilla who originally got me involved with the Chamber, to Penny and Cathy, and then along came Sarah, Kendra, Julie and Jodie, all who have been instrumental in making me feel above and beyond a very important and respected member.  I have been very supported by them since I became a member over 3 years ago.  I feel more connected to the community and know what is going on around town as I feel like I am a part of a bigger picture.

I enjoy engaging with someone who is themselves and down to earth. One who wants to get to know me as well.  One who loves their community and wants what’s best for others as well.  I best engage with other members by networking and meeting them face to face. I love getting to know what makes people do what they do, what gets them up in the morning, and I really enjoy hearing their stories!

I started a new business making leather tote bags, called Heavensphere! Hopefully to grow it and have a business I can run from home since photography is slow.  Who knows what’s going to happen to our industry?   I love creating and keeping busy.

Dean Chapman - Frontline Benefits

Dean Chapman, Frontline Benefits

Hi there, I'm Dean Chapman, the founder of Frontline Benefits - a leading employee benefits consulting firm that is Setting the Bar for Benefits. With over a decade of experience in the industry, I'm a seasoned expert in healthcare benefits, insurance, and risk management. As a senior advisor, I'm dedicated to working closely with clients to develop tailored benefit programs that meet their unique needs and goals.

At Frontline Benefits, we're passionate about providing our clients with exceptional service and personalized attention. As the leading experts in employee benefits, we're committed to finding practical solutions to benefit challenges, while ensuring that our clients remain compliant with the complex regulatory environment.

With our deep understanding of the industry and a focus on innovation, we'll work together to create a comprehensive benefits plan that reflects your values and meets your business objectives. So, let's partner up and take your employee benefits to the next level.

Dianne - 012.2MP

Dianne Pilla, Dianne Pilla Coaching

Hi, I'm Dianne Pilla, a Chamber Ambassador and long-time resident of our region. With over 35 years of entrepreneurial experience, I know firsthand that building relationships and connecting for collaboration is a foundational key to success in business. As an ambassador, I truly enjoy connecting our business community to help support growth within our region.

I also want to emphasize the importance of the advocacy work this Chamber does on behalf of our business community. We can count on them to advocate for our businesses and protect our interests, whatever may come our way. If you are challenged with barriers, I’m very interested in hearing your perspective and explore how leveraging the power of this award winning chamber can help!

If you're considering membership, I'd be happy to speak with you to clarify if and how your membership can benefit your business and work.  If you are a member, I’m always interested in feedback that may just make this chamber even stronger!

Rik Kaminsky

Rik Kaminsky, Entrepreneur

Rik is the father to two daughters and a proud grandfather to two toddlers.  Out of high school, Rik joined the Canadian Navy, where he cultivated many of the skills he uses to this day, and for which he attributes many successes.  His past experience has seen him as a Realtor, as well as a Managing Partner in an oil and gas downhole electronics company prior to starting Solare with his brother in 2013.  In addition to his duties with Rik has volunteered with the Chamber of Commerce over the last 9 years as both a board member and executive and is currently an Ambassador with the Greater Parkland Regional Chamber of Commerce, and has acted as the Chambers Business Engagement Specialist. He is a B2B connector, values both friendships and partnerships, and enjoys giving back to the communities in which he works and lives.