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Join a Committee

The Chamber continues to work hard to bring strength, advocacy, engagement, and diversity to our region through its numerous committees.

Committees are action oriented and supplement the work of the board and staff. Working with Chamber Staff, our committee volunteers help facilitate the programs and services that enhance the success of our members. We welcome the participation of our members on one or more committees of their choosing. Each committee usually meets monthly for 1-2 hours. There may be tasks assigned to be done between meetings as well. This is a great opportunity to expand your ideas and become active with your Chamber of Commerce. Outlined below is a brief description of each committee as they are an ideal training ground for future community leaders and Board members.

Stakeholder Engagement & Policy (Advocacy) Committee: The Stakeholder Engagement & Policy Committee is an established committee of the Greater Parkland Regional Chamber of Commerce. The primary purpose of the Stakeholder Engagement & Policy Committee is to develop powerful policy resolutions that advocate on our members' behalf and influence legislation at the provincial and federal levels of government.

We are committed to a positive business climate that advances existing businesses and attracts new economic opportunities to our community. The Stakeholder Engagement & Policy Committee provides the opportunity to constructively influence public policy to support a healthy private enterprise system.

Governance Committee: The key purpose of the Governance Committee is to assist the Board of Directors to ensure the GPRC has an effective framework that enables the Board to be as effective as possible in carrying out its responsibilities.

The Governance Committee monitors the Board’s duties in compliance with governance best practices. They are responsible for reviewing current bylaws and policies and drafting new board policies as required.

Indigenous Business Committee: The Indigenous Business Committee was established as a Committee of the Greater Parkland Regional Chamber of Commerce. The primary purpose would be both timely and in keeping with the value of inclusiveness, and it would work to continue strengthening relationships.

Where appropriate, the Committee would be able to provide the Board with clear recommendations including background information, perspectives considered, options considered and rationales. The Committee would also develop its own initiatives to develop a strong business relationship with our Indigenous neighbours.

Membership Committee:
The objective of the Membership Committee is to communicate with existing members on a regular basis to garner opinions and concerns that the members wish to express or have addressed and to promote the benefits of membership and increase the general membership of the Chamber.

The Membership Committee’s mission is to attract and retain members to the Greater Parkland Regional Chamber of Commerce by promoting the benefits of membership, ensuring quality of all Chamber programming and services whilst communicating with members and non-members.

Its function is to broaden the Greater Parkland Regional Chamber membership, encourage engagement, and increase membership numbers.

Emerging Leaders Committee:
The Emerging Leaders Committee is established as a forum to engage professionals in teh early part of their career, through connections, collaboration, and learning opportunities whch enhance and support the region's business community. Open to all business professionals, the ELC is predominantly targeted toward entrepreneurs and new business professionals.