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GPRC & AKSIS Declaration

GPRC Indigenous Logo
Aksis Logo 2022

The Chamber recognizes that Indigenous Peoples, Nations, and businesses are important contributors to all areas of our society, including economic, social, cultural, and political systems. The Chamber understands that the more businesses and organizations across our region who to commit to enhance the inclusion and participation of Indigenous Peoples, Indigenous Nations, and Indigenous businesses across every industry, business, Board of Directors, committee, and level of government can only be one of positivity, growth and harmony.

Economic development impacts the quality of life for all community members. Economic growth and prosperity creates new employment and educational opportunities for everyone. Collectively, increased workforce participation enhances the economic, social, and cultural health in all communities. Indigenous entrepreneurs and businesses play a key role in the socio-economic development of Canada; indigenous entrepreneurs are starting businesses at 5x the national average. Indigenous businesses embody core values, ethics, and traditions regarding the People, Land, and Environment.

Signed August 23, 2023 by Matt Schellenberger- GPRC Chair, Rocky Sinclair - AKSIS President, and  Paulla Adamitz - GPRC Director & Indigenous Business Committee Chair.