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Making the Most of Your Membership

Maximizing your membership in the Greater Parkland Chamber of Commerce (GPRCC) isn't just about joining; it's about actively engaging to reap the maximum benefits. Here's how you can make the most of your membership:

Update Your Profile

Firstly, ensure that your profile on the GPRCC website is completed to its fullest potential. Think of it as your mini-website within a larger platform. Add logos, photos showcasing your business, embed maps for easy location finding, and provide detailed descriptions of your products and services. This is crucial because the GPRCC website receives over 5500 unique visitors monthly, with 80% of searches directed towards specific businesses. By optimizing your profile, you increase your visibility and chances of attracting potential customers, and build your online reputation.

Hot Deals

Secondly, take advantage of the "Hot Deals" section on the GPRCC website. This feature allows you to communicate great deals and offers directly to anyone visiting the site. Whether it's a discount, a special promotion, or a bundled package, sharing it here enhances your exposure and draws attention to your business.


Thirdly, leverage the Member2Member section to network and collaborate with other chamber members. With over 820 members actively seeking local business opportunities, this platform becomes a valuable resource for forging connections and finding synergies. Reach out to fellow members who align with your business goals and explore possibilities for mutually beneficial partnerships.

Actively Participate

The best part? All three of these options are included in your membership and are completely free. By actively participating in these initiatives, you not only amplify your presence within the local business community but also position yourself for growth and success. Remember, being a member of the GPRCC isn't just about being listed -- it's about actively engaging and seizing the opportunities it offers.