•   Tri Regional Action Collaboration

         Stony Plain, Spruce Grove & Wabamun Chambers of Commerce


    September 2019 Unification Report to the Members

    Spruce Grove & District Chamber Votes to Dissolve!

    The Spruce Grove & District Chamber of Commerce voted unanimously September 11, 2019 to dissolve the chamber in order to unify Wabamun, Stony Plain and Spruce Grove into the Greater Parkland Regional Chamber of Commerce. 

    Wabamun & District Chamber of Commerce voted to dissolve on Thursday, September 13th.  Next steps will be Stony Plain & District Chamber of Commerce meeting, September 25, 2019 to adopt new bylaws and then all paperwork can be filed with Corporations Canada.  Then the wait begins for the approvals. 

    Spruce Grove & District Chamber of Commerce will have their last official event - the Chambers Awards Gala on October 19th at Zender Ford.  Please consider joining us for some very special presentations and awards!

    July 2019 Unification Report to the Members

    Stony Plain & Spruce Grove, July 30, 2019 – The Memorandum of Agreement draft, prepared by legal counsel, has been reviewed, and will be signed off on or before August 15, 2019.  The agreement clearly sets out the process and legal requirements of the unification and protects all unifying entities through the process.

    Ps & Qs Consulting, who were awarded the contract to write the business plan have completed the Executive Summary background, looked at our strengths, weaknesses and areas of opportunity and threats and have provided analysis and details of where we need to be and how to move forward.  On Monday, July 29th TRAC worked on defining our purpose under the facilitation of P & Q.  Purpose-driven organizations have a strong vision...continue reading

    June 2019 Unification Report to the Members

    TRAC will be providing an update monthly to the chamber membership for the purpose of providing information on our progress towards unification of the chambers. As a result of the Unification Vote on April 10th and subsequent media release the boards of The Spruce Grove & Stony Plain & District Chambers of Commerce (the chambers) have the mandate to unify the chambers.

    RFP’s were distributed to solicit a team to develop the Business Plan and a second one to engage in a Human Resources Staffing Transitional Process and Organizational Review. The Business Plan was awarded to p & q's Consulting who are now attending the TRAC Task Force meetings and the HR RFP was awarded to Shift Management who will begin their process with reviewing job descriptions and interviewing all chamber staff. TRAC expects a business plan completed by end of August 2019 and the HR Report completed by the end of September....continue reading

    May 2019 Next Steps

    On April 10, 2019 a favorable vote representative of 86% of the membership supported the Boards of the Stony Plain and Spruce Grove & District Chambers of Commerce to unify as one entity. There is now a process to move forward and a timeline to completion that will take many months to complete.

    The TRAC Task Force will meet to approve one of a selection of Business Plan RFP’s previously received....continue reading

    March 2019 Executive Summary

    THE SPRUCE GROVE & DISTRICT BOARD OF DIRECTORS at their board meeting of Wednesday, March 6th, moved:

    That the SGDCC Board of Directors supports that a vote be held by the membership to direct The Spruce Grove & District Chamber of Commerce to unify with the Stony Plain & District Chamber of Commerce.  CARRIED

    A vote was held at the Stony Plain & District Chamber of Commerce board of directors meeting on Wednesday, April 6th and the same motioned was made and carried. 

    THE SPRUCE GROVE & DISTRICT CHAMBER OF COMMERCE  hereby give notice that on Wednesday, April 10th at the Links Golf Course in the clubhouse a vote will be held, during the meeting, hosted jointly with The Stony Plain & District Chamber of Commerce as directed by the respective board of directors....continue reading

    February 2019  Request for Proposal

    Production of a Business Plan to unify the Stony Plain & District and Spruce Grove & District Chambers of Commerce


    This RFP is to identify a qualified and experienced business planning consultant. The selected consultant is to develop a collaborative business plan that will formulate an efficient, operational and financial Chamber unification.   The consultant will also be required to attend a number of meetings with the TRACC Committee and Executive Directors in order to fully appreciate all aspects of our operations....continue reading

    January 2019  Membership Update

    As you have likely heard by now unification of the Spruce Grove, Stony Plain and Wabamun Chambers of Commerce has been a topic of conversation of our collective boards for close to 2 years. It has been the mandate of our respective boards to form a committee, the Tri Regional Action Collaboration Committee (TRACC), to explore what potential unification may look like and how it may happen. To be clear any move to unify the chambers will require a formal membership vote from all three membership bodies, by no means has this decision been made at this point in time.....continue reading