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    About Us

    The ULTIMATE Fitness experience.
    Kangoo Club Spruce Grove's mission is for people to achieve a fit and fun lifestyle with full body workouts in a positive, fun & motivating atmosphere! Kangoo Jumps will drastically increase your energy level right away, while remaining inside your comfort zone.
    Kangoo Jumps classes are dynamic, safe, extraordinary and easy to follow.
    They are also suitable for all levels/ages/genders.
    Kangoo club Spruce Grove is the perfect cure for people who are bored with their workouts, have knee, hip or back problems, just starting out or who have reached a plateau. Kangoo is for those who are looking for something exciting, innovative & FUN!

    Kangoo jumps rebound classes reduce your body fat, increase your agility, strengthen all of your muscles, cardiovascular health, rejuvenates your tired body & helps your state of health & fitness. Other benefits include:

    80% Less Joint Impact
    25% MORE Calorie Burn
    Good for all ages (7 years and up)
    100% Pure FUN

    Join the Kangoo Jumps Revolution Today !