• The TRAC Task Force will fulfill their roles on or before the end of December, 2019.  The Business Plan and Visioning document for the Greater Parkland Regional
    Chamber of Commerce is complete and we are now working on the brand for the new unified chamber and will complete the strategic plan by mid December.  All papers have been filed with Corporations Canada and now the responsibility falls to the members of the Stony Plain, Spruce Grove & Wabamun & District Chamber of Commerce.  As of January 1, 2019 the Greater Parkland Regional Chamber of Commerce will be acting interim to ratification to operate as a a unified membership.  It is now your job to elect the inaugural board of directors that will act in a governance capacity ensuring they are acting in your best interests as a member.  

    There are some highly qualified individuals that have been nominated and wish to represent you on the inaugural board of directors.  Please review the nominee bio's and make an informed decision on December 10, 2019.  The individuals you vote in will be your leadership team for the next year.







    The nomination committee will be interviewing each nominee.  Nominations closed November 20th at 4:30 pm. 

    The committee has a Terms of Reference ensure all candidates are meeting all the criteria and are qualified to represent the unified membership in 2020.  


  • Richard Wong serves as President of Nova Hotels, a family-owned and operated hotel chain and management company based in Alberta with 14 hotels across northern Alberta, Saskatchewan and NWT. As evident by his involvement in business and in the community, Richard’s personal mission is to help people and organizations achieve their greatest potential. Richard is a visionary and transformative leader recognized for his collaborative approach and drive for excellence. A veteran with over 35 years in the tourism, hospitality and convention business, Richard began his hotel career with the Sutton Place Hotel brand in Vancouver, Toronto, Chicago, California and Edmonton.

    Recently, while attending a luncheon in the hamlet of Keephills, Richard learned first-hand the complexities of being a coal community. Residents were concerned that municipalities will be receiving less funds from the provincial and federal governments, and about the adverse impact this would have on them and their communities. We are facing a new political and economic reality that we must embrace, adapt to and capitalize on for the benefit of the region and our long-term sustainability.

    Richard believes we can work collaboratively and speak as one relevant and strong voice for the local business owners and industries. It is for these reasons he is interested in putting his name forward as a Greater Parkland Regional Chamber of Commerce Board Member. More about Richard read here


    A resident of the tri-region since 2005, Dan Duckering is a firm believer in engaging in the community where you live, work, and play.  Having spent many years in the transportation industry, with a main office in Edmonton and twelve locations across the province, Dan began a new chapter of life in 2017 with the sale of his interest in the family business, Duckering's Transport.

    Now as the COO and General Manager of BioMass Energy Techniques Inc., Dan Duckering's main office is in Stony Plain. This new company has already taken big strides to be recognized as a renewable energy leader on a global scale with sales across Canada and United States in its first year of business, and Dan being chosen as part of the Canadian Delegation representing renewable energy tech companies at the Ecomondo Conference in Rimini Italy.

    In his time in the transportation industry, Duckering took a lead role in the industry associations both provincially and federally becoming a registered lobbyist and earning two (2) Service to the Industry awards.  His time as a lobbyist gave Mr. Duckering an appreciation for building key relationships between industry and government, and a recognition of how much can be accomplished through effective collaboration.  For more on Dan read here


    Glenn Martin has experienced 35 years as an industry professional and business owner in Hospitality. Glenn contributes time, support and insight as a medium size business operator.  Glenn has been the Manager of Sorrentino's Stony Plain, since it opened. He is interested in having input through the Chamber towards advancing small business opportunities in the region. He also believes that this is a critical time for our region economically and we have to be effective in speaking out 

    about our needs. Glenn would like to see an effective merger of the three local chambers of commerce into one powerful voice for the region.

    The goal should be to bring our stakeholders together to drive the forces of economic development in our area.


    Tom Yeo is currently the second Vice Chair of the Spruce Grove & District Chamber of Commerce and Chair of the General Meeting Committee.  Tom is an active participant of the membership committee and has sat on the committee to shortlist award nominees for business awards the past two years.  

    Tom represents the banking sector and has ten years in the industry next year.  He has worked in a variety of roles from business banking to management and currently specializing solely in financial planning and investments.  Prior to banking Tom worked with several small businesses, often in management positions in the education and tourism sectors. 

    Tom was active with the 4th Spruce Grove Scouts for several years, sitting on the committee for most of them, one year as Group Commissioner and two as Secretary. For more information on Tom read here


    Jillian Stirling is currently a Sales Associate for Elizabethan Catering Service Ltd. and has been in that role for two years.  Her previous occupational experience has been as a Financial Adviser, General Insurance Agent, Life Insurance Agent.

    Jillian has served on the Spruce Grove & District Chamber of Commerce as a Director for one year and has served on the General Meeting Committee (2  years) and the Membership Committee.  Jillian attends as many business openings, celebrations in the business community and networking activities as she possibly can to foster a warm welcome to new businesses, support and celebrate existing business and help facilitate business to business connections.

    For more information about Jillian read here


    Michael Myshak has been working in the crane and heavy equipment industry for the Myshak Group of Companies for over 15 years.  He began his career working in the wash bay, doing yard maintenance, threading rods for crane mats and worked summers building crane mats.  Once he obtained his Class 1 drivers license at 18, he began hauling matting and equipment for the Myshak Group.  In 2012 he completed his Journeyman Red Seal for Mobile Crane Operator.  Michael has also spent years working in the rental department of Myshak Sales and Rentals while simultaneously managing Lifting Technologies Inc..

    Michael is now working as the Key Account Manager for Myshak Crane & Rigging.  

    For more information about Michael read here.


    Sheri Ratsoy is currently the Executive Director to the Parkland Food Bank Society Board of Directors and worked in the capacity for the past 5 years.  Her position includes all committee work of the board (Fundraising, Finance, Governance, Volunteer Appreciation and HR).  Sheri has worked on a provincial committee for Food Banks Alberta, setting up the Standard Board Governance Manual Template, helping food banks set their local boards up in a Governance model, as well as on the committee organizing yearly conferences for over 100 members.  Sheri has also served on various City of Spruce Grove committee's for work that parallels food bank mandates (i.e. Spruce Grove's 5 year plan to reduce poverty and homelessness and the Reconciliation Committee).

    "With the provincial economy of the past few years, with no end of reprieve in the immediate future, I hope to bring better understanding of how we can continue to serve the needs of the most vulnerable in our communities, in a time when individuals and business have much less to give." says Sheri.

    For more information about Sheri read here


    Joey Johnston is a partner at Tober Hembling & Associates LLP, an accounting firm in the City of Spruce Grove.  Joey has worked at the firm for 12 years and recently became a partner in January of 2019.  Joey has worked with a wide variety of owner managed small to medium sized businesses and has enjoyed assisting in their growth and continued success.  Joey has led the personal tax division at the firm for the past 6 years and prides himself on providing advanced tax planning services to all clients.  

    Joey has been part of the audit of the spruce Grove City Centre Business Association since its inception and continues to support its objective to engage the community, City Centre businesses and property owners to reinvigorate, redefine and reactivate Spruce Grove's City Centre.

    For more information about Joey read here

  • Darcy Torhjelm has been a member of the Stony Plain and Spruce Grove Chamber since early 1990's as an owner of Grove Decorating Centre in Spruce Grove and owner of Main Street Market, Suds and Duds Laundromat, Lamplighters Coffee Shop and RE/MAX Real Estate in Stony Plain.

    Over the past 4 years Darcy has served as a Board Member of the Realtors Association of Edmonton, serving as Chair of the Arbitration and Professional Standards Committee, Chair of the Audit committee, Chair and member of the governance Committee and chair of the Nominating Committee.  Currently Darcy sits on the Financial Committee for the Canadian Real Estate Association.

    Currently, Darcy is finishing his term as Past Chair (Realtors Association of Edmonton)  having served as Chair elect in 2017 and Chair in 2018.  Over the past 4 years he has had the pleasure of being involved in restructuring bylaws, setting up and implementing a Governance committee, which effected a governance Manual and job descriptions of board members.    For more information on Darcy Torhjelm read here



    Rik Kaminsky and his Chamber Board experience started in 2014 as a Director, and he was moved up rather rapidly through the ranks and by 2018 was serving a second term as Chair of the Spruce Grove and District Chamber of Commerce. Rik is currently the Past Chair.  Over the past number of years, Rik has focused quite a bit of his time and attention to the Chambers of Commerce, both in Stony Plain and Spruce Grove through thoughtful input and support for many business and community events.  Rik takes a great deal of pride in his attendance at both Board meetings as well as grand openings and other events and has traveled  the Province and Country to represent our Chambers.

    Since being on the Executive, it has been his internal mandate to further the success of the Region and make every effort possible to reduce the perception of border and boundary.  In the Spring of 2015, Rik initiated discussions with the Stony Plain Chamber for the feasibility of a unified Chamber, and with the support of the Spruce Grove and Stony Plain Boards have been championing the cause since then to the point where we have nearly completed our journey.  For more information about Rik read here

    Matt Schellenberger currently represents the design and commercial construction industry through the Edmonton Construction Association, the largest commercial construction association in Western Canada, with over 1,200 member firms and over 50,000 individuals.  Matt has worked directly with stakeholders for the last 8 years, and has extensive experience in zoning, procurement, tendering, construction, innovation and leadership.

    Matt is a lifelong resident of the tri municipal region and excited to put his name forward for consideration for the new Greater Parkland Regional Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors.  

    Matt's current role has him working closely with senior leaders at the Province, City of Edmonton, other regional municipalities and other peer associations, as well as with the ECA's 14 Board Members and volunteer leaders, in support of strategic goals.  This includes stakeholder groups of all levels together to tackle industry challenges and improve the delivery of construction in our region.  It also includes the management of our BuildWorks Canada team, a construction information platform posting nearly 5,000 construction opportunities annually, totally nearly $5 billion of construction work, among other responsibilities.

    Prior to Matt's work at the ECA, he was involved in both the personal financial sector, as well as in Business Development in the agricultural sector.  His ties to agriculture run deep as Matt grew up on, and still operates the Schellenberger family farm in Parkland County, along with his parents Stan and Debbie. 

    For more information about Matt read here 

    Kim Roy  was born and raised in a small French community in St. Claude, Manitoba.  Her father ran a 3rd generation Ford Dealership for many years.  This has attributed to her understanding of the importance of the Chamber of Commerce from a very young age, as well as the trials and tribulations that go along with running a business.

    She was one of the first people in the Edmonton region to become a Certified Radon Measurement Professional through the Canadian National Radon Proficiency Program.  Kim's area of expertise is RADON.  She is extremely passionate and a huge people person.  She has been operating Radon Radar, a local Radon Measurement company since January 2015.  She is a proud member of the Canadian Association of Scientist and Technologists and (TAOR) Take Action on Radon.

    Kim has built an excellent working relationship with local realtors, home inspectors and safety code officers.  For more information about Kim read here


    Kelly J. Rose is the CEO of Panda Rose Consulting Studios, Inc., a software development and managed IT company, headquartered in Spruce Grove.  Kelly was born and raised in Spruce Grove, left to get a B. Math degree from the University of Waterloo and a M. Sci degree from the University of Calgary.

    After forming Panda Rose in Toronto, he decided to move the operations to Spruce Grove 6 years ago.  He has been a director with the Stony Plain & District Chamber of Commerce for the past two years, and Chaired the Directory Committee during his time there, as well as worked with the chamber to bring the new LED sign to Stony Plain. 

    Kelly looks forward to continuing working with the new Greater Parkland Regional Chamber of Commerce to help build and expand the business community.


    Lois W. Hannam is the co-owner of GT (Gossamer Treasures) Gallery and Gifts, located in the Village of Wabamun.  Lois has lived in Parkland County for the past 17 years with her husband and business partner Len Hannam.

    As a business owner in the Village of Wabamun Lois feels she will be a positive representative,  able to convey concerns and issues of the business community and bring them forward to the board.  Lois has a good working relationship with the current Village administration.  She also has a history with the current chamber and her place on TRAC, representing Wabamun and Area, which she believes would be an asset during the transition.  

    Lois opened her business in July of 2015.  The Gallery is a business established out of passion and a desire to bring the Arts to the rural setting and aid in the revitalization of Wabamun.  After working in the corporate world in office management and project financial management, Lois has utilized the skill set obtained during that time to continually improve and make her business a success.

    For more information about Lois read here


    Paul Befus presently sits on the board for Family and Community Support Services in Stony Plain and has done so for the past 3 years.  He has worked in several leadership positions in his career in the financial services industry and as a private contractor for municipal contracts.  Paul is currently the Branch Manager of ATB Financial in Stony Plain.  Paul is proud to lead a branch from an Alberta based financial institution with a solid focus on supporting Alberta Entrepreneurs.  Paul was previously with ATB Financial for 10 years working in several positions across the province. Paul left ATB to work and help divest a family business and in the interim his wife and he started Rescue Flats.  He returned to ATB last December when the opportunity arose to join the organization and work in my own community. 

    Paul can contribute his passion for entrepreneurship along with an understanding of just how hard it is to create and establish a business from startup to success. 


    Landis Vanthuyne is currently on the Board of Directors for the Stony Plain & District Chamber of Commerce.  Landis owns and operates All Trailer Repair in Stony Plain.  He has been in business since 2008 and have since expanded their operations into a new shop back in 2017.   At All Trailer Repair, they repair and manufacture trailers.  All Trailer REapir work on anything from holiday trailers for families that go camping in the summer to flat deck trailers that a company needs in order to transport equipment.  

    All Trailer Repair is also a part of the Alberta Commercial Vehicle Inspection Program.  This means that they inspect commercial vehicles whether it is trucks or trailers for businesses to make sure that they are road safe. 

    For more information about Landis read here

  • Paulla Adamitz is an experienced Chamber Director who can bring knowledge, integrity and accountability to the inaugural board of the Greater Parkland Regional Chamber of Commerce.  Her attention to detail, all round business acumen and her desire to deliver value for investment to the members and stakeholders is of utmost importance to Paulla.

    During Paulla's tenure with the Stony Plain & District Chamber of Commerce, she has served on the Scholarship Committee, Gala Committee, External Policy / Advocacy Committee and the Executive Committee.  Her experience with policy development and analysis has influenced the policies which the Alberta Chambers of Commerce submit to the Canadian Chambers of Commerce each year and has led to direct, innovative support of local business owners in the agricultural sector.

    Paulla is an independent Insurance Broker and Financial Advisor with her own company, Adamitz Financial Solutions Inc.. Originally a licensed Mutual Funds Adviser, Paulla has been working in the industry since 2005.  For more information about Paulla read here


    Melissa Johnson says "This is an exciting and challenging time for the ‘chamber’ and something that I want to be part of.  The Greater Parkland Regional Chamber of Commerce fires my passion of bringing focus to our region through advocacy, our diversified business economy and offering an exceptional plan to live.  I am excited about the prospect of being part of that larger voice in our region, Alberta and Canada.  I am a keen learner who is growing as an entrepreneur and as a sincere and focused advocate for the GPRCC.  As a board member, I am levelheaded, connected and a true ambassador who would bring experience of policy, event planning and a great understanding of the workings of a Chamber of Commerce.

    As an experienced Spruce Grove & District Chamber of Commerce Vice chair with four years directors experience, I will bring passion, experience and loyalty to the Greater Parkland Regional Chamber of Commerce inaugural board. Being an active and involved participant at all levels of conversation with the TRAC Task Force, I have observed all of the personalities during my tenure with Spruce Grove Chamber and the TRAC Task Force and gained valuable insight and experience in what truly makes an effective and successful group of individuals. For more information about Melissa read here.



    Graeme Dawes moved to Stony Plain in 1989 after immigrating here from Australia.  Graeme has been in business in the Parkland area for 25 years.  He has enjoyed serving the chamber for the last 20 plus years in a variety of roles, including Expo Chair, Director and President.  Graeme believes the new chamber is an opportunity to continue to grow our membership and business community.  Change brings room for growth, strength and opportunity.  

    Over the years of serving in the community Graeme has been nominated for and received a variety of awards.  These awards recognize his contributions in sports and community.  They included two humanitarian awards, two sport administration awards, an integrity award and businessman of the year award.  

    Graeme currently sits on 6 different volunteer boards or committees.  These include supports for Parkland area homeless youth., Edmonton, Parkland and Spruce Grove High School rugby, Stony Plain Cowboy Gathering and the Tri Municipal Expo.  He has also been on other boards to support sport, town history and chambers.  Graeme firmly believes that his experience locally, provincially and nationally in business and on boards will be an asset to the chamber.  

    For more information about Graeme read here


    Brieanne MacLeod is currently an associate lawyer at Birdsell Grant LLP where she has worked since 2015.  Brieanne has a Juris Doctor in Law and a Bachelor of Arts in Urban Planning.  She works primarily in the area of real estate and corporate/commercial law where she focuses on assisting small businesses with their legal needs.  Brieanne has worked with Parkland County and the Town of Stony Plain on various municipal matters including drafting and amending bylaws and prosecuting the violation of the same. 

    Brieanne is actively involved in the Rotary club of Stony Plain where she currently holds the position of Treasurer.  She thoroughly enjoys getting to know local members and creating a difference in the community through Rotary's various initiatives.

    For more information about Brieanne read here


    Linda Jespersen has been with TRINUS Technologies for 11 years and has been a director and owner of the business for the last 3 years.  She has a diploma in business finance and has been working in administration for the last 15 years which includes human resources, payroll, marketing, account receivable and staff/social functions.  

    Through TRINUS Linda has organized and/or helped out with many community and business initiatives, some being our Make a Wish campaign, Ronald McDonald meal prep, and the Coldest Night of the Year walk a thon.

    Linda's hope for her year as a director is to keep more informed on business issues that directly impact our community as well as to meet with  other business minded people. "Being from the Tri Municipal area my whole life I understand what this community means and how we have grown through the years.  Being a director on the Greater Parkland Regional chamber will be fund and interesting to watch our community continue to expand and to be part of the change.", says Linda.


    Frank Florkewich is very familiar with rural Parkland and rural Alberta.  Frank understands and knows a good portion of the business and agricultural community in the Parkland Regional area.  He has enjoyed active roles and positions in both mid size and small business ownership, management and as an employrer.  Frank is quite familiar with business trends, economics of and market cycles of small business.

    Frank has a desire to assist in positive change and technological innovation in small business to increase competitiveness and sustainability.  He thinks that the experience he has will allow him to assist the Chamber and the Region in its progress and member development.  Frank would like to work and assist the board, the administration and the membership to work in a harmonious and gainful manner to promote the region and provide small business, both urban and rural with meaningful assistance in their endeavors.

    For more information about Frank read


    Jim Philpott is currently the Managing Partner of West Grow Farms.  Jim represents Urban Farmers and producers of local "Fresh, Natural" foods. His experience as a Board member for a number of years and his experience as a business owner and operator has prepared him to contribute to an organization in a leadership role at an effective level. 

    As a business owner and operator, Jim feels compelled to contribute to his local community to the extent possible.  He believes it should be incumbent upon local citizens to contribute to improvements in their community with a goal to make the communities we live in as progressive and successful as possible. 

    Jim would like to facilitate discussions and initiatives that will help make our community a primary and preferred destination for future residents and businesses.  He would also like to lead discussions on helping to make the Tri Region a community that is a leader in climate stewardship and a business community that makes considerable efforts to minimize our environmental footprint.

    For more information about Jim read here


    As a long term resident of Parkland County, Dave Grobman is also a father of 2 attending our local schools and an operator of a business specifically geared towards meeting the demands of small business.  Dave would like to offer himself for nomination to the inaugural Greater Parkland Regional Chamber of Commerce.  Dave is a local business leader who has had the privilege of calling Spruce Grove home for the past 10 years.  It was not by accident that his family came to live in Parkland County, but, rather moving here was a result of several years worth of research and time spent looking at amenities, culture, climate and engagement level.  

    Dave currently operates the Staples store in Spruce Grove and as such his mission is to best support his core demographic; the small business community.  "Interacting with entrepreneurs and industry leaders on a daily basis give me a broad understanding of what challenges we face locally and it is this very insight that drove my initial involvement in the Spruce Grove & District Chamber of Commerce; first as a Director then 2 years as Vice-Chair and this past year as Chair."

    For more information about Dave read here